Charge™ – Weight Loss & Energy

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Limitless CHARGE is a unique, two-part system that offers dual weight-loss benefits*:

Phenylethylamine Provisional Complex:

  • Powerful appetite control*
  • Mood elevation*
  • Energy*

Aggressive Thermogenic Compound:

  • Fat burner*
  • Stamina*

Charge Product Fact Sheet


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Charge Product Fact Sheet

Weight Loss Components: Ilex paraguariensis (leaf) Extract, Paullinia cupana (seed) Extract, and Turnera diffusa var Aphrodisiaca (leaf) Extract

Energy component: Trimethylxanthine

Proven Science

WEIGHT LOSS: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on the key functional compound in CHARGE, subjects lost a significant 122% (vs. placebo) more than subjects in the clinical trial on the combination of two weight-control compounds found in a well-known weight-loss aid that used to be on the market.* And not just that, they lost this weight in ¼ of the time.* Moreover, subjects who continued taking the Limitless compound for one year experienced no rebound weight gain.*

APPETITE: The weight-loss compound caused subjects to eat significantly fewer calories and stop eating earlier than placebo when taken fifteen minutes before eating.*

MOOD: Self-reported ‘Motivation and Workload Questionnaire’ showed significant improvements in:

  • Contentment*
  • Interest in tasks*
  • Eagerness to do tasks*