Electrify™ – Fat Burning Energy Booster

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High-Energy Three-Phase Power System


  • Increase Energy Expenditure for Maximum Caloric Burn*
  • Explosive, Unparalleled Energy for Improved Endurance and Performance*
  • Activate 3-Phase Thermogenesis to Boost Metabolism Before, During and After Your Workout*
  • Activate Brown Adipose Tissue and Promote Inducible Brown Adipogenesis*

Electrify Product Fact Sheet


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Electrify Product Fact Sheet

Electrify can further your energy expenditure after your workout ends. Electrify contains a proprietary blend of thermogenic ingredients specifically developed to symbiotically increase your energy expenditure for more than 3 hours. Many clinical trials have shown that the ingredients in Electrify have a significant effect on the maximization and extension of thermogenic processes in the body.*